Italian Dishes Explained!

Italian Restaurants South Barrington

When you are living in South Barrington, Illinois there is no doubt, you have a lot of restaurants to choose to go out to. Whether it is in the Arboretum or other places, finding the best restaurant for what you want is easy to find. However, when it comes to the menu for some of these places it might be hard to determine what you are actually ordering. There is no embarrassment to admit when it comes to going out to an Italian restaurant or a French restaurant, you might have a hard time deciphering the menu.

Incontro A Tavola is here to help! We know that fine Italian dining is sometimes hard to come by. That is why we have hired one of the best executive chefs that is classically trained in Italian cuisine. We are the best Italian restaurant in South Barrington and the number one hidden gem in the Arboretum. However, whether it is our Italian restaurant or one in the city, you want to know what you are ordering for lunch or dinner when you go out. We have broken down some of the most common words you will find on an Italian restaurant menu and what they mean.

Italian Restaurant Menu Meanings

Antipasto - This translates into appetizers. When you see this section on your menu you are ordering a delicious starter for your dinner.

Bresaola - This is a salted beef that has been aged for 2 - 3 months until hardens it is amazing.

Capocollo - Pork cold cut that is dry cured and sliced very thinly

Crostini - This translated to “little toast”. They are traditionally served with toppings like mini vegetables with olive oil and more.

Cozze - Mussels. Seafood at its finest.

Zuppa - This translates into soup. Most traditional soups are MInestrone, Pasta Fazule, and Italian wedding.

Arancini - small balls of rice stuffed with a savory filling, coated in breadcrumbs and fried.

Carciofi - globe artichokes that are traditionally eaten whole.

Carpaccio - thin slices of raw beef and fish that is served with a sauce. This is a staple appetizer at most Italian restaurants.

Pane - Bread

Pizza Margherita - A very specific type of pizza that is topped with olive, tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella

Carbonara - This is a pasta dish that is usually served at Italian restaurants that is made with, bacon or ham, eggs, and cheese. This should be translated into “amazing”

Risotto - This is a traditional creamy rice dish from Northern Italy. The sauce can be made from a base of beef, fish, or vegetables.

Acciughe - Anchovies

Baccala - Codfish which is often dried and salted.

Buridda - This is an Italian seafood soup or stew from Liguria in northern Italy.

Cacciucco - Another Italian fish stew which is from Tuscany.

Pancetta - Italian dish that is the belly of pork that is dried and cured.

Cacciatore - “Hunter Style”. This is a dish that is usually prepared with onions, tomatoes, sometimes red bell peppers, and wine.

Soppressata - An Italian dried salami.

Antipasto - Italian style that is usually made up of anchovies, olives, cheeses, and meats.

Osso Buco - A traditional Italian dish that is made with veal shank containing the marrowbone, which is then made with vegetables and seasonings.

Pollo - Chicken

Carne - Meat

Caponata - a vegetable dish comprised of eggplant, olives, and onions.

Mortadella - Italian sausage that contains pieces of fat that is served in slices

Italian Restaurants South Barrington

When it comes to Italian food there are so many different types of dishes, ways to cook pasta, and different combinations of ways to put things together. Italian food is the best, and if you are looking for the best Italian restaurant in South Barrington, look no further than Incontro A Tavola. We were voted the best Italian restaurant in the Arboretum and have thebest-importedd wines from around the world. Come in and experience authentic Italian food like you have never experienced before,