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Our Story

Fine Italian Cuisine

Our food tours multiple regions of Italy to bring the best of each style for our guests. Join us to experience a traditional yet modern take on Italian cuisine. 

Starting with house-made pasta prepared daily, we receive only the finest and freshest ingredients, sourcing locally or importing from Italy. Incontro A Tavola's vegetables, meat, and seafood is of the highest grade the land and sea provides. Pair with wine as unique as your palate, offering fine options from Italy, Napa & more.

Incontro A Tavola

Our name loosely translates to meeting around the table. We invite friends, family, and loved ones to create memories around our dining tables.

Farm to Flavor

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We use the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients to give a rich, delicious taste to every bite.

This follows Italian cuisine practices, where simple ingredients and seasonal produce bring out the best flavors. 

We select local farms to better understand where our food comes from, reduce our environmental footprint, and support small businesses. Knowing the farms we use are organic, sustainable, and driven by quality ensures your meal is prime. 

Meet our Farms

Goebberts Farm - South Barrington, Illinois

A Barrington landmark, our team grew up visiting the pumpkin patch - and now we supply seasonal produce from their farm.  

Atmosphere Farms - Woodstock, Illinois

Just a few towns over, Atmosphere Farms grows an Incontro-exclusive crop of seasonal mushroom varieties, along with microgreens and fresh herbs. 

Slagel Family Farms - Forrest, Illinois

- Their meats are raised naturally in an outdoor environment. They are fed grain, grass, and hay on their Illinois farm. No implants or hormones are used, nor preservatives during processing.

Superior Fresh - Northfield, Wisconsin

Farmed fish in the cool Wisconsin waters reduce the environmental impact while restoring nutrients to the land with regenerative agriculture.

Our Favorite Drinks

Revolution Brewing - Chicago, IL

Chicago's boldest, Revolution raises a fist and pints to the unconventional. They send their spent grains from the brewing process to Indiana farms for feed and fertilizer. 

Bell's Brewery - Kalamazoo, MI

With some of our team from Kalamazoo, Bell's is a favorite for our restaurant. They have great flavor pairings that excite the taste buds, and an eccentric ethos that we carry into our menu.

Miner Family Vineyards - Napa, California

With a combination of digging machines and dynamite, over 20k+ square feet of caves were carved into the hillside with walls six inches thick and sprayed with gunite. These underground hallways are naturally cooled with high humidity and low temperatures, creating perfect conditions for wine aging.

Caymus Vineyards - Napa, California

The Wagners come from a long line of grape growers and winemakers in Napa Valley, with a farming tradition dating back to the 1850s. These families helped shape Napa Valley’s wine industry in the late 1800’s and beyond, through their hard work, dedication, pioneering spirit and resilience in the face of adversity.


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